lørdag den 7. marts 2015

February lootcrate!

Usually it's here in about a week, but this time I had to wait three! :o It is so aggravating that the weather in America affects me in Denmark :/
Aaanyway, I got the box and it was SO worth the wait! Everything in it is right up my alley! :D

1. The book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline!
     I absolutely adore books, so getting to add this to my collection is a big plus. We are currently in the middle of writing our bachelor projects, so unfortunately I don't have time to read anything 'till april :/

2. A DIY Munny figure. This is a blank vinyl which came with three dry erase markers! i'm not really the most creative person, but I AM a collector of vinyl figures! I drew a little, cute vampire face on it, and put it with my other vinyls :p

3. An exclusive Looter Edition SUPERFIGHT deck (Card Game)! :D These particular cards only exists in this edition. My boyfriend and I really love playing cames, and especially Cards Against Humanity. This is a superheroes against supervillains game that is quite similar in gameplay to CAH. Looking forward to trying it out!

4. A Hexbug!! A robotic insect that reacts to touch! I got the blue "ant" version. It came with batteries already inserted AND an extra pair! Brilliant! I tried the litlle bug(ger) out in class yesterday, and found out that it is suuuper fast! Sensors front and back makes sure that it never got stuck just running into a wall. Really awesome item!

5. A Pac-Man poster, "9 x "13, Nifty little item, printed on good quality stockpaper. Unfortunately we don't really put up posters, but it is really cool! I will definitely keep it for when I get my nerd den!

6. Rock-paper-scissors dice in a cute little velveteen bag! The crate itself is a cool little game, "Crate Packing Simulator 2015", wherein these dice are used. I can defo se us use these dice in stead of doing the oldschool hand gestures!

Lastly there's a code for a ship in the online Firefly game - that hasn't been released yet, and, as always, there's a pin with the month/year and theme of the crate (Play).

All in all, this box was amazing and I cannot wait until I get my march box! :D

Stay awesome,

tirsdag den 3. marts 2015

Snack boxes!

My boyfriend and I recently started getting two different monthly subscription-boxes filled with japanese snacks and sweets! Taste Japan is my boyfriends, and Okashi Connection is mine.
They are pretty cheap:
Taste Japan (http://tastejapan.net/) is only $15 a month INCLUDING worldwide shipping and handling! It comes with a cute note, which describes the items in the box, and it usually has a seasonal greeting with facts about the season in Japan (e.g. christmas, new years, valentines day and so forth)
In every box there is about a pound of snacks you probably can't get in your own country!

Okashi Connection (okashiconnection.com) is a bit more expensive, at $22 a month (including shipping and handling worldwide!), but equally as good! There is a bit more snacks in this box than in the one from Taste Japan, but that is to be expected at $7 more. There is no descriptive note in this box, but it does come with special, members only blog-posts. The blog-posts contains extensive information and taste descriptions of all the items included in the box!

We couldn't decide between the two, so we got both :p
At the moment we are waiting for our (my!) Okashi Connection box (as well as my Lootcrate! Come on already!) I will update with an extensive review and taste test - now with pictures ;)

Stay supreme,

torsdag den 23. januar 2014

Stressing out

I really wanted to start this blog up, make this my "space" - but everything has been hella chaotic this past, erhm, six months...
Everything that goes through my mind these days has something to do with either a, my students and my practice as a teacher, or b, my epic boyfriend. I don't even have time for a decent home-manicure!
Hoping it'll all get better in february - it usually does ;)

Buqs Supreme, out

lørdag den 15. juni 2013

This is the beginning of something good!

I am fairly new at this blogging-thing, so please bear with me, have a little patience.

The purpose of this blog, is: There is none. It's mainly just me ranting about various things, me showing off new stuff, rating nailpolish and makeup etc.

This is it; this is the beginning. Enjoy!