lørdag den 7. marts 2015

February lootcrate!

Usually it's here in about a week, but this time I had to wait three! :o It is so aggravating that the weather in America affects me in Denmark :/
Aaanyway, I got the box and it was SO worth the wait! Everything in it is right up my alley! :D

1. The book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline!
     I absolutely adore books, so getting to add this to my collection is a big plus. We are currently in the middle of writing our bachelor projects, so unfortunately I don't have time to read anything 'till april :/

2. A DIY Munny figure. This is a blank vinyl which came with three dry erase markers! i'm not really the most creative person, but I AM a collector of vinyl figures! I drew a little, cute vampire face on it, and put it with my other vinyls :p

3. An exclusive Looter Edition SUPERFIGHT deck (Card Game)! :D These particular cards only exists in this edition. My boyfriend and I really love playing cames, and especially Cards Against Humanity. This is a superheroes against supervillains game that is quite similar in gameplay to CAH. Looking forward to trying it out!

4. A Hexbug!! A robotic insect that reacts to touch! I got the blue "ant" version. It came with batteries already inserted AND an extra pair! Brilliant! I tried the litlle bug(ger) out in class yesterday, and found out that it is suuuper fast! Sensors front and back makes sure that it never got stuck just running into a wall. Really awesome item!

5. A Pac-Man poster, "9 x "13, Nifty little item, printed on good quality stockpaper. Unfortunately we don't really put up posters, but it is really cool! I will definitely keep it for when I get my nerd den!

6. Rock-paper-scissors dice in a cute little velveteen bag! The crate itself is a cool little game, "Crate Packing Simulator 2015", wherein these dice are used. I can defo se us use these dice in stead of doing the oldschool hand gestures!

Lastly there's a code for a ship in the online Firefly game - that hasn't been released yet, and, as always, there's a pin with the month/year and theme of the crate (Play).

All in all, this box was amazing and I cannot wait until I get my march box! :D

Stay awesome,

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