tirsdag den 3. marts 2015

Snack boxes!

My boyfriend and I recently started getting two different monthly subscription-boxes filled with japanese snacks and sweets! Taste Japan is my boyfriends, and Okashi Connection is mine.
They are pretty cheap:
Taste Japan (http://tastejapan.net/) is only $15 a month INCLUDING worldwide shipping and handling! It comes with a cute note, which describes the items in the box, and it usually has a seasonal greeting with facts about the season in Japan (e.g. christmas, new years, valentines day and so forth)
In every box there is about a pound of snacks you probably can't get in your own country!

Okashi Connection (okashiconnection.com) is a bit more expensive, at $22 a month (including shipping and handling worldwide!), but equally as good! There is a bit more snacks in this box than in the one from Taste Japan, but that is to be expected at $7 more. There is no descriptive note in this box, but it does come with special, members only blog-posts. The blog-posts contains extensive information and taste descriptions of all the items included in the box!

We couldn't decide between the two, so we got both :p
At the moment we are waiting for our (my!) Okashi Connection box (as well as my Lootcrate! Come on already!) I will update with an extensive review and taste test - now with pictures ;)

Stay supreme,

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